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Since I had part of the day off from work because of holiday, I finally had the chance to finish this.  The file turned out to be about 1.5 GB, but it was worth the heart attack every time my computer stalled for a split second.  In the end I changed around quite a few things and added more graphic elements than I originally had planned.  I really needed the practice and I enjoyed the process.

Check out the latest comic page here!


Bento Comics 2nd SketchJam- My god, it’s full of thumbnails now up on the Bento Comics channel on youtube

1. Hello and welcome. It took us 7 minutes to say hello?? Where’s my ax…

2. [7.0] Scrivner for Comics- that little thing called ‘plot’. Dee demos working the story with the excellent writing software package, Scrivner, using Antony Johnson’s also very excellent templates for comics.

3. [39.0] Putting the script into thumbnails: Myung gives us a tour of the next chapter of Simon Sues (all 128 pages of it) as thumbnail sketches in MangaStudio. We talk about getting your script into thumbs, and using the thumbnail stage effectively to work your pacing and staging.

4. [1.08.00] Choreographing fight scenes. We take a look at one of Simon Sues' amazing fight scenes as Myung explains how she gets the action into thumbnails. A bit about camera angles and staging for the drama and flow.

Some more WIPs!  Isaac’s having a really, really bad day and Simon’s making some new allies.

I can’t believe it’s chapter 13 already!  There’s only five more chapters to thumbnail out, but it’s the part of the story that’s going to require the most thought.

Doing these thumbnail scripts while I write has been helping a great deal since I can pace things out with pages and start visualizing panels and character direction early.  And because it’s all very rough, it’s not a problem to move bits around or even cut things out entirely. 

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